enter. Jiuding

Independent and effective

Fair and scientific

Fair statement

Obeythe relative national statutory,regulatory and rules, accept the supervision ofCNCA, CNAS and IATF/IAOB.


Thecertification body shall make its services accessible to all applicants. Thereshall not be undue financial or other conditions. Access shall not beconditional upon the size of the supplier or membership of any association orgroup, nor shall certification be conditional upon the number of suppliersalready certified.

Ensureto certificate impartiality, we promise to publish the important decision andpolicy process and its generate process to consultative committee, consultative committee can take necessaryaction including complain to the accredition body and authorize body. Thepolicies and processes of our operation are non-discriminatory, and conductthese policies and processes with under this way. Not use processes, which violatethe recognition rules, to obstruct or prevent the certification application.Not conduct any form discrimination, such as speedup or delay and otherimplicit discriminations. 

Weensure the impartiality and independent on strategy and policy, certificationdecision and audit; make sure that the action of relative bodies do not affectthe credibility, objectivity and impartiality, and relative bodies and ourselfnot provide: 

1、service from object which will be certified;

2、consult service for getting or maintain certification;

3、design, conduct or maintain QS service.

Full timeauditors never do any consultation of quality system; the appointed auditor byus hasn't consulted the apply party within the past two years.

Thewhole staff and auditor should sign the QF102"Personnel ImpartialityStatement and Confidential Promise": keep secret about the refer privateinformation, including client's information.