CASC Quality principle

Provide fair, scientific, independent and effective certification service for automobile supply chain.

CASC target

We will continue to meet the requirements of national accreditation standards and relevant international documents, wholeheartedly provide customers with efficient, high-quality and value-added certification services, achieve zero customer complaints, and strive to achieve customer and related party satisfaction.

CASC Strengths

The localization operation of the whole process of certification makes certification service activities fast, economic and efficient;

Familiar with local corporate culture and operation characteristics, easy and smooth communication with customers;

Relying on the strong support of shareholder institutions, we can provide customers with more quality and value-added services.

Jiuding Certification

We will support the high-quality development of China's auto industry

To provide fair, scientific, independent and effective certification services for the automotive supply chain

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CATARC Huacheng Certification(Tianjin)Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "HuaCheng certification") depends on the quality of industry resources, efficient management mechanism, professional service team, rich technical experience, continuous in the whole life cycle of automobile industrial chain and conduct in-depth exploration, adhering to the "fair, scientific, independent and effective" the principle of power China's sustained and healthy development of the auto industry.

HuaCheng certification (CAC) is approved by the China national accreditation supervision and administration commission (CNCA) approved conformity assessment (CNAS) national approval committee and China...

China Quality Certification Center (CQC) is a third-party professional certification body approved by the Chinese government and recognized by many governments and international authoritative organizations. It belongs to China Certification & Inspection Group.

China quality certification center has always been committed to the through certification, inspection testing, standards, develop high technology and professional services to help customers improve the quality of products and services, facilitate the exchanges and cooperation from all walks of life, promote the market credit system and harmonious society construction. After more than 30 years of development, has become a full range of business categories, service network wide, strong technical force of the first-class quality......

CEPREI Certification Body is an authoritative organization, approved by CNCA, recognized and authorized by many organizations at home and abroad, specializing in third-party certification and training services. It has an independent legal personality. Its predecessor was the Inspection Department of "China Institute of Electronic Product Reliability and Environmental Testing", which was established in 1956. The institute is China's first national scientific research institution specializing in product quality and reliability research.

since 1979, introduce the concept of "certification" China up to now, ceprei certification center has been sent to....

China United Certification Center (Beijing) Co., Ltd. referred to as CUC, is by the former China Machinery Industry Quality System Certification Center (CCMQS), China Machinery Safety Certification Center (CCMS), Machinery Industry Environmental Management System Certification Center and China Machinery Management System Certification Center (JHR) integration into an independent third-party certification body. Its constituent institutions CCMQS, CCMS, JHR are early in our country obtained......

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